Gaming PC

Need a  good option for a gaming PC? – the Dell Optiplex (SFF) Core 2 Duo 2GB 160GB +/this has a 17 Inches TFT  Dell screen 17″ compatible with  OS Windows 7 Pro Zoom. At £69.96 you cannot go wrong. The Intel core duo CPU is the 2HZ  high-speed configuration. The RAM (read only memory)…


The Perfect Gaming Accessories

Well, by now, you have upgraded your motherboard; have the latest PC components, have downloaded the latest video games, but what about accessories? Equip yourself with the best gaming accessories and give yourself the edge you need! Gaming Mouse: If you are really passionate about gaming, you must have realized that the three buttons mouse…


How to Choose the Right Heatsink and Fan for your CPU?

Before choosing the right Heatsink and Fan for your CPU, it is very important that you understand its importance. The Heatsink and fan for a CPU take away the heat generated by the CPU. The CPU generates a lot of heat while working and to ensure that it doesn’t slow down, it is important that the heat…


3 Things to Know Before Buying a Gaming Chair

Gaming needs you to sit in one particular position for long periods of time and thus, gaming chairs play a crucial role in your comfort and well-being. If you want to spend your hard earned money on a gaming chair, these are the 3 important things you would need to consider before buying one. This will ensure…


The New Year Deals

New Year is the time to celebrate the joy of entering into yet another year. There is perhaps no better time than this to enjoy the festivities and grab great deals on your favorite items. Yes, you heard it right! Find that perfect gift to give to your loved ones and even yourself at a discount.…


Happy New year

Start 2017 off with a New Computer! Contact Us at Pc-Tec and take a look at our January Bargains, Low cost Gaming Computers and many other exciting computers and peripherals at low, low pricing. Happy New Year from all at Pc-Tec


Boxing Day Sales!

Boxing Day is one of the few days of the year that is directly associated with BARGAINS! At you can get a BARGAIN every day of the year, check out our wide range of gaming Pc’s and Accessories avaialable online. If you use our “Voucher Code XMAS16” to get even more discount off your…


A Gaming PC is not just for Christmas!

Firstly the Directors and Staff at would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. If you have received money towards a Gaming PC and would like your cash to go as far as possible take a look at the wide range of Gaming Pc’s available from at unbeleivable prices!…


Christmas Eve Shopping!

Still looking for that last minute present? Then look no further has a wide range of Gaming PC’s and accessories all in stock and ready for delivery in early January. To take advantage of our Christmas offers for 2016 use the “Voucher Code XMAS16″ when ordering” Have a great party tonight and a Very…


Nascar Heat Revolution goes live on PC 13th September 2016

Great as a driving game “Nut” I can’t wait to try out NASCAR Heat Evolution on my new PC supplied by . I have been told that I will be able to immerse myself in the excitement of stock car racing and it will allow us to live the experience of taking the checkered flag. The game…

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