Crazy Machines, the wacky contraptions game!

The third blog in our series of educational games for PC.

Crazy Machines focuses more on logic and less on learning a curriculum but it is a great way to teach kids about how things work. To play, you set up a board and see what happens when you turn certain gears and pull levers. This is a good representation of basic ideas of physics and gravity. It’s is like having a virtual Mythbuster lab, complete with explosives, robots, and cause and effect. There are hundreds of combinations and things to experiment with. It is geared (pun intended) toward specific interests, so only try it out if your child likes to know how things work. 

We love this, drag and drop and become your own”Heath Robinson” create the wackiest machines possible, suitable for all ages (and children), yes they will have to fight to get you off the PC 🙂

We downloaded and played this game on a PC supplied by