Educational Websites

Here is a few great links to educational websites that can be accessed on a PC supplied by

Light Up Your Brain

This website is primarily known for offering children’s audio books, but it also has a good collection of games. Unlike the other sites on the list, these games generally focus more on logic than reading or math.

Free Multiplication

As stated plainly above, this site deals solely with math games. Every game allows a child to choose which table he wants to study and makes multiplication as fun as it can possibly be.


The most useful part of this website is that games are broken up by grade, so it makes it really easy to find a good selection for the right age. The games are also varied so kids can grow up playing them and not feel like they’re playing the same ones.

We hope these 3 links will show you that buying a gaming PC from will give your children and educational benefit as well as having a lot of fun.