So how is Windows 10 doing?

Thankfully, the 2016 Microsoft is starkly different from 2012 Microsoft. The key management of the company has shuffled. It has be re-organised so that people can choose other Operating Systems. It’s been creating software for Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android. And now, it’s allowing apps from other systems to be easily ported to Windows, too!

At last some common sense from Microsoft.

We at are fans of Microsoft 10 and feel that PC has much more to offer in flexibility that it’s expensive cousin the Apple Mac.

To that end focuses on building high end windows based PC’s at affordable prices.

In our opinion Window 10 is great, the news apps and easy of use are really starting to put pressure on the Apple World, if you have not used Window  for a while you will be amazed how intuitive and easy to use Window 10 really is, we give it the big thumbs up!